5 Easy Ways To Earn Money From Blogging

5 Easy Ways To Earn Money From Blogging

4th October, 2018

    Digitalization has taken over today’s world. Every business has its own online presence in some way. Social media is also playing a vital role in promoting these businesses. If we talk about earning revenue from internet, there are multiple ways to do that. One such way is to start blogging.

    Blogging, basically, refers to writing articles and posting them on your blogging website. It is one of the easiest ways to ear great amount of money online. Find you particular niche and start writing.  But the question is how to earn income from blogging. Once you get enough traffic and original content on your website, you can easily start earning in multiple ways.

    Here are 5 major ways by which you can earn money through your blogs:

1). Advertising:

     This is one of the most common ways to earn money from blogging. Advertisers will pay you to show their advertisers on your blogging website. You can contact multiple advertisers directly or you can use an advertising platform as a middleman. Google Ad Sense is one such platform and most commonly used in blogging.

2). Affiliate Linking:

    Another best way to earn money from blogging is to put affiliate links in your articles or posts. Affiliate linking, most commonly, refers to promoting a business’ products with the help of their website’s links. Every-time someone makes a purchase via that links, you will get a share of the purchase. Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the most famous affiliates programs in the world.

3). Selling online:

    You can also sell your own products and services with the help of your blogs. You can sell physical products or digital e-books or even promote your own freelancing services. In this way, you can start your own e-commerce business.

4). Promoting Businesses:

    If you don’t want to start your own e-commerce business, it’s alright as you have another opportunity. You can promote other bloggers or businesses by referencing them in your blogs. This is known as brand promotion and is one of the fastest growing marketing tactics in the world.

5). Other Sources:

    Apart from the above four ways, there are other ways to earn revenue from blogs. Some of them, but not limited to, are asking for donations and selling your blogs.

    Now, you know that you can earn great money by simply blogging from the comfort of your home.


How To Start Blogging?

    There are various free platforms where you can quickly setup a free website and start blogging. However, these free platforms always have some restrictions when it comes to earn money from its use. If you want to start earn money and make blogging your profession, you should always contact a website development agency like Successkey Technosystems Pvt. Ltd.

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