How To Improve Website Ranking

How To Improve Website Ranking

22nd November, 2018

    Today, everybody is thriving for internet when it comes to business. According to a survey, 80% of the world’s businesses are active online. Everyone knows how to make a website  easily. However, getting a website alone is not enough. The next things is to promote the website and sometimes, we notice that our website has poor ranking or doesn’t appear at all in search results.

    To help you, here are 5 useful tips which can help you to improve your website’s ranking on Google:

1). Write Quality Content:

    First is first. Without quality content, you shouldn’t expect good ranking of your website. When it comes to content, don’t just copy-write but also try to write with your own ideas, thoughts, words and verbiage. This will help Google to see that your website don’t copy and your ranking will be improved.

2). Improve Speed of the website:

    When we talk about speed of website, we mean the loading speed of the website. One of the best ways to improve speed of website is to use smaller size images instead of heavy files. When the website loads faster, Google automatically improves your website’s ranking.

3). Start Blogging:

    Blogging is great for any business which is online. Not only you can drive traffic via your blogs, but also it helps to improve search ranking. When you update your website with new content regularly, Google notice that and improve your website’s ranking in search results on that basis.

4). Connect with Social Media:

    It is proved that sharing your website’s content on social media sites improve your ranking on search engines like Google. Always share content on social media as much as you can as this also helps in brand recognition of your business.

5). Optimize website for mobile devices:

    This one creates a huge impact on your website’s ranking. It your website is not properly optimized for mobile devices, your website’s ranking will start falling day-by-day. You can check with your web developer or you can take help from one of the top web developers in Delhi NCR.

    With the help of the above useful tips, your website’s ranking will start improving very soon. Let us know in the comments below if we miss anything. Thank you for reading this. We will be back again with new content