How To Promote Your New Website? | Proven Ways To Promote Your Website | Success Key (Updated)

How To Promote Your New Website? | Proven Ways To Promote Your Website | Success Key (Updated)

8th August, 2018

         Many of business' owners make this mistake of not promoting their website after or before its launch. They not only lose valuable business but also the time, money and efforts they put into launch a website.

When you launch your website, It won’t attract traffic right away. Not at least until you promote your domain name as well as the work that you do through your website. I am going to list out all the things that you will need to know to start promotion of your site as well as to attract traffic on site. Traffic on site means new leads and more business, after all that is why you opt to go for a website at the start.

There are conventional ways and non-conventional ways to get traffic on your website, both needs time, money and patience for time being.

Some of the Conventional Ways To Get Traffic On Your Website:

1). Start Networking:

You don’t need to pour in your pockets for this one and it’s the most effective of all. Send Emails or Better Call them up and tell them about your new website. Ask for support in spreading the word that you have put a step forward towards your life goal. Family and Friends are your first go and you will probably land a sale with just branching out to nearest clan members.

2). Word of Mouth:

This also the best marketing method available for free of cost. Considering the scenario that you have existing clients and have given them best service in past, tell them about your website and ask them to forward your information to anyone they know who would benefit from your service. You can also add a referral discount program for your existing client for a little extra provocation.

      Now let's just discuss some of the Effective Online Marketing Method that works wonder for your new business is:

1). Search Engine optimization (SEO):  Most of your upcoming clientele is searching on internet for a service that you excel in; SEO is used to help them find you.

Here is a simple tutorial on SEO basics:

SEO is a slow major and it takes a lot of time from you as well but then all great things takes an effort. Our  suggestion is to know all that you can find about SEO before going into it or hiring someone else for it. You will be surprised by the results of using SEO in your site (but not right away!).

2). Social Media Marketing: This is a very good ground to break after launching your website. Data shows that most of new leads come from Social marketing channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.

What do you need to get into it? Check here:

    We know it’s a lot to do, Brand image creation and management is all you need to know about. To simplify everything, I would suggest to have an facebook page of your website and start building from there. Facebook is a good place to test waters of social media marketing. Create a page and start adding your ideas and work process. Let your connections know of your capabilities and keep them updated with regular updates.

3). Google Analytics:  Once your site is live, You need to track everything that is happening on your site. You will be able to judge what is briging traffic for you and what is not working.

Here is another post form Moz:


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