How To Respond To Negative Feedback On Social Media (Updated)

How To Respond To Negative Feedback On Social Media (Updated)

7th August, 2018

In current times, social media is an essential, effective and efficient platform for communicating with the world. It is a medium to connect with others, to raise a voice against injustuice, to entertain, to educate and many more. Social media platform includes both the positive as well as negative aspects. It is rightfully said that anything or everything that has merits comes with demerits too. Negative feedback on social media is an important part of online marketing of a business. However we shouldn't consider negative feedback on social media a loss. Rather, we should consider it as an opportunity to improve our business as per customers' satisfaction.

Let's just discuss few things to keep in mind while handling negative feedbacks on social media and make your response look positive of all:

1). Listen & Read Carefully:

Social media has given customers a platform to share their experiences with any product or services. Ensure that you read every feedback and do not miss out on any single one, be it negative or positive. We should read the feedback carefully and try to understand why a customer right such a negative feedback. Is he not getting services? Is he not able to contact you? We should find out the reason of such neagtive feedback and we will get a chance to improve our services and retain customers.

2). Quicker Reponse Time:

Responding to any negative feedback within 24 hours is a must. The more time you take to respond, the more negative impact it would have. Negative sentiment can soar, and multiply when a brand’s response is seen as too slow. To calm the feedback, a positive response should be given as soon as possible so that it indicates how concerned you are towards the business and your customers.

3). Never Go Negative:

For a brand or business, it is very crucial to maintain the goodwill and respond to the negative feedbacks positively. Always try to control the situation by responding in a helpful and genuine manner. We should apologize whenever necessary and empathize with them so that our customer's will feel that we are listening to them and will help them for sure.

4). Always Respond Publicly:

When responding to a negative feedback, always reply publicly to showcase the transparency of the brand and to show how helpful, genuine and attentive the brand is. This can help to turn the unhappy clients into brand advocates. 

5). Negative Conversation to Offline from Online:

In today’s competitive world, it is practically impossible to always live in a world with positive reviews only. A response can either make or break the reputation of the brand, so depending on the situation, sometimes initiate the conversation offline rather than leaving any comment. 

         At last, we must agree that negative feedback is controllable and we should try our best to retain customers as quickly as possible.

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