Static Vs Dynamic Websites

Static Vs Dynamic Websites

25th September, 2018

         “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” - Paul Cookson

    If you’re thinking to build a perfect website for your business or company, you should know a suitable kind of website according to your business requirements.

    There are 2 types of websites: Static Website and Dynamic Website.

A). Static Website:

    Static websites display the exact same information to everyone. It is created using HTML and CSS coding.

B). Dynamic Website:

    Dynamic websites, on the other hand, can change the web page contents dynamically. It means they are capable of producing different content for different visitors.

Both Static and Dynamic websites are helpful however one should know the difference between the two. Let’s just quickly discuss the difference between Static Websites or Dynamic Websites:

1). The theme and content remains fixed in static website, whereas they change according to run-time in case of dynamic website.

2). Static websites are a lot quicker to load or browse as compared to dynamic websites.

3). Static websites are created through HTML language while dynamic website are created by PHP, Javascript or Actionscript language.

4). Static website takes less time and money to be built as compared to dynamic websites.

What would be best for you?

    Most of the people prefer dynamic websites due to its multiple advantages. They have lower maintenance costs, make data management efficient and enable to change the content any time. However, this varies business to business and highly depends on the business requirements or needs.

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