What is a Perfect Logo for your business?

What is a Perfect Logo for your business?

20th August, 2018

                                                      What do you mean by Logo?

     A logo is like an emblem or symbol which plays an important role in the identification of a brand or organisation. It is solely used to aid and promote public recognition. Every business, whether it is a small-scale business or a large-scale business, has its own logo which helps us to identify our trusted brands among others. A perfect logo should represent the type of your business or what you business is all about.

   In order to get a perfect logo for your business, there are 3 different things that should be considered in the creation of the  logo:

1). Logo Design:

    As a logo is the visual identification of a business, the design of the logo plays an important role towards the same. There are mainly 3 types of logo designs:

a). Ideographs: These are abstract forms like an idea related to your company or business.

b). Pictographs: These are icons that represent the brand.

c). Logotypes: Otherwise known as Watermarks; these generally represent the name or initials of a company.

2). Logo Color:

    Color also plays an important role in logo design and helps in brand differentiation. The importance of color in this context is due to human visual perception where color plays a significant role in visual detail detection.

    It should be noted that choosing right colors for your logo is important mainly due to its long-term implications and differentiation among competitors.

3). Design Protection:

    This is the most important part after you choose your logo desgin and color. A logo should always be protected by copyright in terms of law, so as to protect your logo to be copied by any other competitors.

 How to get a Perfect LOGO for your company or business?

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