E And M Commerce

E And M Commerce

An online shop website is so much slicker than a traditional shop. Reach out globally as well as locally. A bigger and more diverse market awaits you. Diversify your products and services whilst making it easy with online payment solutions and deliveries.

Expand your business, reach globally, reduce your costs and start making money online, 24/7.
Success Key TechnoSystems

Mobile internet revenue to hit $700B in 4 years, growing more than 300%

Success Key has all the tools and talent to create custom scaleable e-commerce websites integrating the versatile Open source platforms. U.S. mobile commerce sales is expected to grow 36% in 2014 to reach nearly $57 billion, 19% of total web sales, according to eMarketer. Mobile will account for 26% of total web sales in 2017.

The number of tablet users around the globe is expected to grow from 327 million in 2013 to 905 million in 2017, according to Forrester Research. Here are some facts:

M Commerce Facts :

  • Less than 42% of retailers have mobile marketing strategies in place
  • Only 38% of retailers have seen measureable success from mobile marketing efforts
  • For 54% of retailers, mobile makes up >20% of total sales
  • 71% of retailers mobile conversion rates are lower than desktop
  • 88% of retailers have mobile optimized sites, only 38% have a mobile app
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